PSPL is offering courses for career progression and/or upskilling for every section of the society. Any aspiring candidate has the option to choose from a plethora of courses starting from basic level to the most advanced level of study.

The courses are divided into:

  • General Segment courses.
  • Third Party Assessor (TPA) certified courses.
  • Specialised skill development courses.

  • For General courses-PSPL offers two options

      Regular mode - where the candidates have to undergo the course at any centre for its full duration and after completion an assessment will be conducted preferably online and the successful candidates will be awarded with a certificate by PSPL.

      Recognition of Prior Learning mode - where the candidates has already undergone a course somewhere else/ at any PSPL centre/ have practical exposure in the contents of the course can enroll in any PSPL centre and directly sit for the assessment after a specific time, on being successful the candidate will be awarded with a certificate in recognition of prior learning.

    TPA certified courses -

    the assessment is condcuted by a DGET/SSC approved assessment body after completion of a course at a PSPL centre. In this case the certificate are issue jointly by the assessment body and PSPL.

    Specialised courses -

    the courses are conducted at any PSPL centre following the norms of SSC/ any statutory body and the assessment and certification is either done by PSPL or respective SSC / statutory body.

    Salient Features of our Training Program

    Admission & Eligibility Norms

    Course fee payable by candidates

    Examination & Evaluation